The MVP Foundation Int’l

Greetings and welcome to our Ministry “Trucking for Jesus”.

Like you, I am a long distance truck driver. I have been driving over-the-road since 1986. So I really know your needs as a driver because everything that you’re going through right now, me passed it already for so many times. Jesus Christ came to my life and rescued me from spiritual dead on March 21, 1973 and since that day I dedicated my life to his honor and glory preaching his gospel anywhere I go.

This Ministry is a trans-denominational, non-profit organization, dedicated to proclaim the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the professional truck drivers around the United States of America.

We develop public worship Christian services in different truck stops across the States at any time that it is possible according to the specific local circumstances.

Our meetings normally include:

  • Praying for the particular needs of everyone who come and for their relatives’ requests.
  • Worship to our God the Father, the Son and the Holly Ghost.
  • Singing songs of worship and joy related to the drivers and their spiritual needs.
  • Testimonies about the wonders and miracles and special intervention of God’s favor in the life of those who received those multiple blessings.
  • Preaching and teaching the word of God using the Old and New Testament as our base. We do not incur, defend, proclaim or advertise any particular denominational doctrine.
  • Our message is related and emphasized in our visitors to recognize the need of salvation for eternal life through the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us in Calvary.
  • We also encourage following a process of sanctification for everyday that we spend over the road through giving good testimony about our faith to others and for the honor and glory of God, rejecting temptations and watching our behavior as we go.
  • We provide to our visitors free of charge bibles, new testaments, gospel tracks, and other literature that help us to grow up in our knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, the gospel and the Christian life.
  • Literature, music and books from The MVP Foundation Int’l are distributed in our meetings in exchange of a specific loving offering.
  • We collect a loving, voluntary offering that serves us to meet the needs of buying more literature and other material in order to keep ahead with the mission established in our vision.
  • If you feel the serious, deep conviction and passion from God to come and help us preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to our Professional over-the-road drivers in the truck stops of America, please contact us… we really need you!
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